19 Days Until New Years Eve!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their week! Only 19 days until New Years Ever! This past week has been full of events both good and bad, and I look forward to sharing them with you. This is going to be a short recap because not too much has happened!

…Rewinding back to Tuesday…

Tuesday was an awesome day. I worked and worked out in the morning, then that afternoon my friend Kaitlyn met up with me and we headed out to grab some dinner! We went to The Prairie Tap House for dinner, then afterwards we went to the Stevie Nicks concert at the Xcel Energy Center!

The Pretenders opened up for her… their backdrop was so pretty!

It was a last minute decision, but it was a good one! I’ve been to many many concerts, and this was an amazing one. It was very unique because before every song, Stevie would give about a 5 minute preview about how she came up with the song. Let’s just say she spent a lot of time with Tom Petty!

I cherish all of the time I get to spend with Kaitlyn because she is an amazing Park Ranger and moves hours away for about 6 months of the year so I never get to see her!

Wednesday-Friday was spent working and working out. I have to say, I’m loving the 21 Day Fix this time around! I’m currently on Day 13/21 and I’m super proud of myself. I’m determined to finish! I can feel myself getting stronger. It’s amazing how much your body can change in just three weeks! Mark took this lovely picture of me when we went to Crooked Pint. Notice my salad which was 21df approved πŸ˜‰

Saturday morning Mark and I went to get massages. This was the very first one I’ve ever had in my life! It was a 60 minute full-body massage and let me tell you… if you’ve never had massage you need one NOW! I felt so rejuvenated and loose afterwards, felt like a brand new person. We went to Massage Xcape in Savage and they did a great job! We were supposed to go to Mankato to visit my friend Tina that night, but we ended up only going to Glencoe. It started snowing SO MUCH! I also found out about my friend’s mom passing that night at about 10:30. It was, and is, so hard still. It’s just a reminder that you don’t know what people are going through. So be nice to everyone and cherish the time you have with the ones you love. By the time I headed home there were already inches on the ground, and by the time Sunday morning rolled around we had at least 5″! At least it was pretty….

Sunday was spent at Kelli’s house watching the Vikings game, printing pictures and grocery shopping for Maddi’s birthday party, and doing Pilates Fix at night! Here’s a great picture of Pat since you guys haven’t seen him in a while…

Today I did some more work, re-did my resume (it looks even better now yay!), and wrapped most of my presents! I need to put one together which I’m hoping to show you, and then I’m still waiting on my sister’s to arrive, then I will be done! Woo!

To top off a mix of highs and lows this week, I looked at my bank statement today and noticed some transactions that were processed in Califnornia (clearly where I am not) so now I have to figure that out in the morning… I’m ready for 2017.

I hope you all had a great week! Let me know what you did in the comments!

xo Jennifer




2 thoughts on “19 Days Until New Years Eve!

  1. I’m so glad you are enjoying the 21 day fix! I give you SUCH major props- this is usually the time of year that people could care less about the healthy eats & workout routines, but you are just inspirational! And YESSS- massages are my FAVORITE. Except I tried to Groupon once recently and it was an interesting experience to say the least, lol. Shoot- I should write about it. It’s a wild tale I tell ya. I think I’ll need to do more research next time. So glad you enjoyed it though! Truly one of the greatest things!

    And wow, I’m so so sorry about your friend’s mom. My prayers and hugs go out to you, her, and her family. ☹

    I hope you have a good week despite the circumstances, and let this next year be filled with so much joy & love <3


  2. Mack– I would absolutely LOVE to hear the story of your massage experience! I found this place on Groupon as well and thankfully had a good experience haha!

    Thank you for your prayers, I can’t wait until the new year. Have a fabulous week!

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