5 Cheap Fall Date Ideas & a Little Recap

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately… but to be honest not much has happened so I’m now going to give you a little recap of what I have (or haven’t) been up to, as well as a few ideas I put together for some fun (& cheap) dates!

5 Cheap Fall Date Ideas & a Little Recap

5 Cheap Fall Date Ideas & a Little Recap

5 Cheap Fall Date Ideas

Two weekends ago I had gone shopping with some friends from college (so fun)

5 Cheap Fall Date Ideas & a Little Recap

We ended the day with Panera and it was oh so good! I got the pick two (broccoli cheese soup & chicken salad sandwhich)

Sunday was spent cleaning and organizing and Netflixing. I finished the Blacklist season 3 that weekend!

5 Cheap Fall Date Ideas & a Little Recap

5 Fall Date Ideas

All of last week I was so tired. I don’t know what it is, but every once in a while I’ll just have a week where all I want to do is sleep, and I can barely function. I didn’t get a whole lot done to say the least.

5 Cheap Fall Date Ideas & a Little Recap

Blue Apron's Korean Pork Tacos
Blue Apron’s Korean Pork Tacos

That feeling carried into the weekend! It was a lazy weekend to say the least. We did go to Mark’s friend’s birthday party Saturday night, but overall the weekend was great. Just what I needed! I was able to get all my energy back by Monday so I could get back into my routine πŸ™‚

This weekend I plan on working out, cleaning, FALL DECORATING AHHHHH, and going to the Ryder cup!

Now that I’ve caught you up on everything boring, let me proceed to tell you about my 5 Cheap Fall Date Ideas!

5 Cheap Fall Date Ideas & a Little Recap


  1. Go apple picking! I love apple picking, and depending on where you go, you can get so many apples for so little money. Plus, most apple picking places that I’m used to have hayrides, mazes, hot apple cider… everything good about fall! Plus, you can then go home and make an apple pie πŸ˜‰
  2. Carve pumpkins! Mark actually admitted to me the other day that he’s never carved a pumpkin.. I couldn’t believe it. But he even asked if we could do that! Um, DUH! You can go pick out cheap pumpkins then spend the night carving, painting, and decorating your pumpkins! Plus, you can toast the seeds for a yummy snack.
  3. Bake or cook together! This goes along with the first one, but for a lazy day, it’s super fun to cook and then enjoy a meal you made yourselves.
  4. Watch Halloween movies! What’s better than cuddling up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and some hot apple cider? (especially if they’re Disney Channel classics… Halloween Town 1 & 2) πŸ˜‰
  5. Visit Breweries! This may be an out of the ordinary fall activity, however I think it’s perfect. The summer is filled with so many outdoor activities, that fall is the perfect time to try out the places you’ve wanted to go! This isn’t limited to just breweries… restaurants included! But let me tell you… the food at breweries is so unique and so good.. mmm

I hope you all have a fabulous rest of your week and weekend! What are some of your favorite fall activities? Any fun plans for the weekend?

xo Jennifer

8 thoughts on “5 Cheap Fall Date Ideas & a Little Recap

  1. Great date ideas! Fall is such a fun time πŸ™‚ Also your Panera meal looks soooo good. I skipped lunch today to go Fall dΓ©cor shopping and now I’m starving haha!

    1. Yes! I’m starting to love fall more and more. Summer will always be my favorite πŸ˜‰ And I’m obsessed with how good Panera is. I just wish it was more convenient for me so I could get it more often! Even though you’re hungry, at least you’ll have a good lookin’ house πŸ˜‰ P.s. I need to buy a spiralizer so I can try your zoodles!

  2. Yay! I was missing your posts. Apple picking is such a must. I need to see if they have anything out here in California because I know it’s huge in the midwest. Did you try Blue Apron?! I was obsessed. I want to do it again, but it is a tad expensive to do without the coupon I used the first time around. Have a wonderful weekend, dear!

    1. Aw well thank you! I don’t know what happened… September and these past two weeks went by so fast! And yes, I LOVE apple picking because you get to make all of the delicious goodies that go with apples. Apple pie, apple crisp, etc… yum. And yes! This was the second time I tried Blue Apron. It does seem expensive… but I rarely do it so when I do it’s worth it. πŸ™‚ I have yet to be disappointed!

    1. I know it is crazy!! It’s actually still sitting on my kitchen table… hopefully we can get to that soon haha

      And thank you! I should start doing more outfit posts. And you should come back up north in the fall sometime! So many fun things to do πŸ™‚

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