Apartment Hunting Tips & Tricks

Apartment Hunting Tips & Tricks -- Jennifer Gail Writes

I’ve been in my apartment for a little over a year now, and I love it. And by “love it” I mean I love living on my own, being independent, and having my own space to call home. I finally have my own place that I can decorate how I want, make what food I want, clean when I want (don’t worry I’m not gross, but I’m also not getting yelled at to pick up my clothes off the floor of my room), come and go as I want without being asked where I’m going and what I’m doing and when I’ll be back.  It’s amazing and I love it.

What I don’t love is the smell of strange foreign foods wafting through the hallway, loud and rude children (and certain adults) living around me, having to deal with management, and not having space outside of the apartment to relax. Having my first apartment has been a learning experience, and I already have a plan to move the first of the new year! Here are a few things I looked for and do, and you should too when looking for a new apartment (or townhome).

  1. Make a list. Make a list of everything you want and don’t want in an apartment. If you’ve looked at one and it has more cons than pros, cross it off the list and keep looking.  A list of my pros and cons are below:

Pros: washer/dryer in unit, smoke-free, nice neighbors, underground parking, cleanliness of building, amenities

Cons: Smells (smoking, cleanliness, etc.), no washer/dryer in unit, outdated appliances and cabinets, poor management

2. Price! Are you getting what you pay for? Rent is horribly expensive, and for what I’m paying now, it’s just not worth it. I have to pay to have underground parking, and it’s only 100 dollars less per month than my new place which comes with underground parking, a CAR WASH in the garage, indoor pool, outdoor grills, and a massive fitness room. I don’t have any of this at my current apartment and so an extra 100 bucks is more than I want to pay, but it’s totally worth it to me.

3. Build a relationship with management. I loved the landlord when I originally moved in, but she left and it’s just gone downhill ever since! You can tell they don’t care much about the individuals, and half the time they never know what’s going on. At my new place, I’ve already spoken with management multiple times and I know they’d always be there if I ever needed anything!

4. Location. Is it where you want to be? Make sure you think about what you want to be close to. Work? Family? Entertainment? All of that is a factor in deciding where you want to live, because if you’re too far away from wherever you want to be you wouldn’t be as happy as you could be. I’m literally moving only 2 minutes away because I love my town! It’s close to the twin cities, but also close to my hometown.

These are my tips and I hope that if you’re not living in your ideal place, that you can find one that you absolutely love in the future!

4 thoughts on “Apartment Hunting Tips & Tricks

  1. Great tips! It can be hard to gauge a place until you’ve lived there for a while because first appearances can be deceptive! I’ve been in my current apartment for 4 years and love most things about it. I definitely scoped out online reviews while I was searching too! I feel ya on the hallway smells…luckily they dont waft in to my apartment much! BLAH!

  2. How exciting about living in a new place!!! That feeling of independence is great, isn’t it? My poor husband didn’t really get to experience that much because he married me right out of college. Poor thing. LOL. I know a lot of people will find this helpful as they transition. Thanks for sharing, girlie. Can’t wait to here how it all continues to go!

    1. I LOVE the independence! I’m sure you are a super fun person to live with, plus, you are always cooking and baking which I’m sure he wouldn’t gotten as much of if he had lived alone. Haha!

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