Merry-Go-Rounds, Workouts & A Mini Roadtrip!

How on Earth do the weeks fly by so fast? I feel like this time of year makes the weeks go even faster! I finally have time to sit down and write after a super long (but super fun) week and I can’t wait to share it with you! It’s full of merry-go-rounds, workouts, & a mini roadtrip! The first half of the week was kind of slow (and I don’t even have pictures), so I’ll make it quick.

Monday was a typical Monday. Boring and uneventful, the usual, etc.

Tuesday was a little bit more exciting. I spent the day doing some work, running some errands, and that evening was a retirement party for a family/friend of ours! He was a surgeon at our hospital and there were so many people there to wish him well in his retirement! Afterwards my mom and I met my dad for supper where we hung out until about 6:30. Afterwards I stopped by Kelli’s house to see what was new!

Wednesday was a much more exciting day, and this is where my week starts to pick up! In the morning I did some work, and then my friends Derek and Tyler stopped by to pick me up! They hadn’t seen my current apartment yet so they checked it out, then we headed to meet up with Amber (hi!!) and her kids to watch them for the afternoon. We picked up the kids and headed to MOA where we had an awesome day!

Mall of America -- Jennifer Gail Writes

I followed these four around for the first couple of hours.

Mall of America -- Jennifer Gail Writes

Mall of America -- Jennifer Gail Writes

They got to ride on rides and LOVED it!

Mall of America -- Jennifer Gail Writes

Later Amber came and we walked around the mall for quite a while! We stopped at the new Anthropologie before going on more rides… I love that store. Their home section is the perfect place to find little gifts/presents for any time of the year!

I didn’t get home until about 6:30 and I was exhausted! I fell asleep quickly that night.

Duluth, MN -- Jennifer Gail Writes

I was so excited for Thursday. The week before Mark and I decided we wanted to go up to Duluth to visit Bentleyville! It’s their “Tour of Lights” where they have an amazing display of Christmas lights. I’ve been once before and it was just as amazing the second time around! In the morning, I did Cardio Fix for my workout, made myself some breakfast, got ready, and waited for Mark to get back from work!

Duluth, MN -- Jennifer Gail Writes

Duluth, MN -- Jennifer Gail Writes

We got to Duluth around 1 on Thursday (It’s about a three hour drive). We first went to lunch at Grandma’s! We pretty much went in the same order and went to quite a few of the same places as our August trip up. For lunch, Mark had the Guinness Fish ‘n Chips (SSSSOOOO GOOODDD) The batter had Guinness in it and it tasted amazing. I had their Cobb salad (minus the bleu cheese) and it was phenomenal!

SIDE NOTE: Kelli and I’s friend Ashley has done amazing with her 21 Day Fix program! It inspired us so much that we decided we wanted to start (yes, again) on December 1st to be done by Christmas! Totally fine, and I personally think that we’ve both been doing so well (even though I was on vacation when we started!)

Duluth, MN -- Jennifer Gail Writes

After Grandma’s we headed to check into our hotel! We stayed at The Inn on Lake Superior. It was a great hotel with many amenities. It would be a great place for families! It had an indoor pool, continental breakfast, workout room, business rooms, etc. Everything you could ask for in a hotel! The staff was amazing too. We even got these super cute mugs for staying during Bentleyville! We really just wanted a relaxing getaway for a night. We spent a couple of hours napping/watching tv/relaxing before we went to dinner.

Duluth, MN -- Jennifer Gail Writes

For dinner, we headed to our absolute favorite place in Duluth… Canal Park Brewery! Mark got the Asian Lettuce Wraps like he did last time, and I tried something different. I got their “fish of the day” which was a MASSIVE piece of walleye with wild rice and broccolini. I also had a Pear Cider! It’s so light, crisp, and refreshing, and it doesn’t feel like it will weigh you down.

Duluth, MN -- Jennifer Gail Writes

We also got a flight to try! I’m not a huge fan of craft beer, so I had a sip of each, and they weren’t too bad! There was also a hard cider (Loon Juice for the locals), and it was pretty good.

Bentleyville -- Jennifer Gail Writes

Duluth, MN -- Jennifer Gail Writes

Duluth, MN -- Jennifer Gail Writes

After supper we headed to Bentleyville! It was pretty chilly, but it was so pretty I didn’t care. They have fun little booths that you can stop by too! The tour of lights is free, they had free hot chocolate (you are more than welcome to make donations), bonfires, and more!

Afterwards we headed back to the room and crashed! It was a super fun night.

Duluth, MN -- Jennifer Gail Writes

Friday morning I got up around 8 and headed to the hotel’s gym. I really want to finish 21 Day Fix this time, and it’s all or nothing. I didn’t want to miss a workout, and since I didn’t have the videos, I ran 1 mile, then did strength training for arms & abs since that’s what the video was supposed to be! We then headed down for breakfast where I had some yummy eggs, whole wheat toast with peanut butter, and and orange. Their breakfast buffet was AMAZING and they had so much to choose from! Including make your own waffles… so fun. We then headed back up to the room and got packed up! We stopped at the mall in Duluth to pick up a few Christmas presents, and by the time we were done we were hungry.

Duluth, MN -- Jennifer Gail Writes

We headed to Little Angie’s CantinaΒ for lunch! During the summer is was super packed and looked like so much fun. I was wanting Mexican (which rarely happens) so I thought it would be a fun idea to check it out! Mark got enchiladas and I got steak fajitas. To be honest, it was alright, but I wouldn’t go back. On the way home Mark looked up reviews and apparently they weren’t great either. I don’t know what it was, it just wasn’t that great! After that we headed home.

Tim Hortons -- Jennifer Gail Writes

Tim Hortons -- Jennifer Gail Writes

On the way home, we stopped in Minneapolis to visit my sister Lindsay! We went to the new Tim Horton’s and tried out some of their treats. Mark and Lindsay got frozen hot chocolates, and we shared a variety pack of their Timbits! (donut holes) The flavors were Chocolate, Blueberry, Red Velvet (these were amazing), and mint chocolate chip (the least favorite). Since I’m doing 21 Day Fix, I had a bite of each to taste and stuck with that. After that we dropped Lindsay off at her dorm and headed home!

Crooked Pint -- Jennifer Gail Writes

Saturday was another fun-filled day! I did lower Fix in the morning and got ready, then my mom picked me up around noon and we headed to lunch! We went to Crooked Pint which is where Mark and I went a while back. I had a salmon salad which was pretty good, and my mom had a GIGANTIC 14oz pretzel! It had a dijon mustard to dip and also a beer cheese sauce to dip it in. Yes, I had a couple of bites, and yes, it was delicious. Afterwards we headed to a few local shops as well as Lunds & Byerlys for some groceries.

21 Day Fix Lasagna -- Jennifer Gail Writes

That night I went to Kelli’s and we walked 2.5 miles around town! It was a great night for a walk and it also started snowing while we were out. We also made an AMAZING dish for supper, and it’s 21 Day Fix approved! I changed out the sausage for hamburger and added mushrooms, but you can find the recipe here.

Workout -- Jennifer Gail writes

Sunday we went and got tons of lights for her house and spent the day putting them up. We did manage to do Pilates Fix together in the afternoon which was super fun! I enjoy doing it with other people because it motivates me to do better.

What a long recap! A lot can happen in a week. Today will be another boring Monday with nothing new to share (as of right now anyway). I plan on doing Cardio Fix today and keep on track with my food and containers! Day 5 here we come! I also have a phone interview today. Wish me luck!

Are you doing anything to keep on track with your health this December? Do you have any amazing Netflix suggestions? What is your favorite kind of workout?

xo Jennifer




6 thoughts on “Merry-Go-Rounds, Workouts & A Mini Roadtrip!

  1. So I absolutely LOVE that you post about fun places in MN since I live in ND and might actually get the chance to visit them some time! All of the food pictures have me drooooling!
    I started weight watchers and am trying to stick to that for the winter! Netflix suggestions… oh too many. The Ranch, Parks and Rec, The League, American Horror Story. I watch too much tv wow lol. My fav workout is walking or the elliptical for sure πŸ™‚ have a great week!

    1. You totally should! Hopefully in time I’ll go to even more places that you can add to your list! πŸ™‚

      Woo! Weight watchers is awesome. I used that years ago and it totally worked!

      I have a tv problem too.. especially since I’m home everyday for now! Supernatural is one of my favs! Have a great week yourself! πŸ™‚

    1. I wish they had a category like that… it would be so much easier I agree! I love Christmas movies. Elf if probably my favorite!

  2. WOAH! Your week was so busy!!!!! How fun! I love the idea of the Tor of Lights. How neat. That cobb salad looks delish!!! The pear cider & walleye sounds like a perfect pair made in heaven! YUM. I have heard of the 21 day fix but have never tried it! Sounds like a lot of fun, and a great way to train. All this food just looks too good to handle. Currently salivating over here, time for lunch! Haha. Keep us updated on that cardio fix! I am so curious about it.

    – I am just trying to squeeze in some runs and Insanity workouts throughout the week!
    – Netflix: We have been enjoying Dexter!
    – I just love running, I am not too coordinated soooo I don’t branch out too much lol! I need to do a bit more cross training. I do love swimming though
    Have such a great rest of your week dear! Hope to see you at the Mingle & Jingle ☺

    1. I’m working on a recap now! πŸ™‚

      I’ve tried watching Dexter because a friend of mine really loves it, but I’ve just never really gotten into it! Normally blood and murder doesn’t bother me but for some reason that show just rubs me the wrong way haha

      Swimming is such a great workout! When I’m more in shape I’d love to get back into swimming.

      Have a fabulous week yourself! πŸ™‚

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