New Year, New Goals

Hey Y’all!

  • With the new year already into full swing (can you believe it’s already basically February??) I thought I’d share with you some of my new goals for the new year. This is to help me so I can keep track of them, and also to give you some ideas if you’re lacking them!Β Read more. Specifically 1 book per month. One book per month may not sound like a lot to some people, but it is for me. When I was little, I read constantly. I would even get in trouble for reading too much and be forced to do something active! Then high school came, and I continued to read, just not as much as I had used to. The college came, and my reading went out the door. I was always reading for class and doing homework, so reading for fun never interested me! I will admit, Netflix kind of took over… then I graduated and started my big girl job, and then I started Stitch Fix, and then I felt as though I never had time to read. I maybe read 2 books last year. Maybe. Since it’s the end of January I can tell you that I’ve already finished my book for the month and even started the book for February! I’ll do a post on the January book soon. πŸ™‚


  • Focus on my health. 3 years ago at this time I was in the process of losing 30 pounds–which is huge for me! Β I took a weight-lifting class my senior of college which was the biggest thing to help me reach that goal. Once the class ended, so did my focus of working out and eating right, and I got right back to where I started. The three years after that consisted of me being super healthy for a week or two and then falling off because it’s just too much to handle all at once, trying different programs that I couldn’t stick to, and just beating myself up for not being able to reach that goal again! I knew 2017 was going to be a good year coming into it, and I knew that all aspects of my life were going to change for the better. Now I’m tracking my calories with the Lose It! app which is my favorite app, eating whatever I want as long as I track everything to stay within my daily range, and working out more! I’m just adding in the things that I had been missing. I’m also happy to say that I’ve had some very specific health goals that I’ve reached so far which is exciting. I have a trip in September that I’m looking forward to and I want to look and feel better than I ever have!


  • Be more positive. There is so much negativity swarming the internet, social media, and the news. I think all of that combined with the past year has just turned my mind into a depressing place. I’ve just noticed myself making more negative comments than positive, and I knew that this year would be the year that I need to turn it all around!


  • Purge. Purge my closet, my fridge, my Facebook friends list, everything. I think that starting a new year requires a fresh start all around and that’s my goal is to get rid of everything that I consider to be clutter.


  • My last and final goal is to be more money-conscious. Losing my job back in October was literally a slap in the face for me. Ever since I got my first job at Dairy Queen back in high school, I’ve always loved spending money. Clothes, stationary, a large assortment of colored gel pens, now it’s home decor, kitchen gadgets, and more clothes. Not having a job really put things into perspective for me, and it’s actually become kind of a game for me to see how long I can go without spending money! I’ve learned that I’ve spent so much money recklessly and there’s so many better ways that I could be using it (or not using it at all for that matter). I need to save, especially for my trip later this year! And regarding this section… I FOUND A JOB! It’s so exciting and I start next Monday. I’m so excited to get back into a routine!

    Do you have an goals for the new year?

xo Jennifer

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals

  1. AWESOME list, girlfriend!!!!!! These are great goals, and I have no doubt you can accomplish each and every one. And MAJOR congrats on the job!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO! I was SOOO excited when I read that! Congrats congrats congrats!!!!!!!! Everything is coming together!!!!! So happy for you πŸ™‚ Let us know how it all goes!!!! xoxoxo

    1. Woo! Thanks I’m so excited that I get to start on Monday!! I can’t wait to hear about your new job too πŸ˜‰

        1. Oh my gosh yes!!! Haha I pop in to your blog once and a while to catch up — I’m so sorry! I actually did end up getting a new job which was good, but I’m SOOOO busy. It’s nuts. It also means I need to work my second job even more which leaves no time for blogging. I feel like I blinked and August is already next week!! I really do want to start back up again, but it’s a matter of finding the time and finding the things that I really want to write about!

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