Quick & Easy DIY Christmas Gift

Happy Hump Day! I wanted to share you guys an awesome DIY gift for the holiday season. I was trying to figure out what I should get my mom and Mark’s mom for Christmas (I sure hope neither of them are reading). I needed something cheap (hello unemployment) but also wanted something that was special! I’ve seen recipes in a jar many times and decided that this was the right time to try one. I found the recipe for Double Chocolate and Toffee CookiesΒ here. You could certainly make these without giving them as a gift too! I would have tried them out for myself if I wasn’t making two. πŸ˜‰

The process is super easy. First gather all of your ingredients!

Then layer the ingredients! Note: all of the ingredients are supposed to fit in the jar. I thought I had big enough jars… but didn’t. (hence the baggies of chocolate chips)

This recipe also has awesome printables to add to the jars! I would recommend using the paper with the sticky back, but they didn’t have any at my Target so I settled with double sided tape–it works just as well!

To top them off, I had extra fabric laying around which I just cut into squares and laid on top before adding the lids. Easy peasy!

You really could make cookies, brownies, cake, or anything with these jars! Just layer the dry ingredients then provide directions/wet ingredients along with it.

I hope that if you’re looking for quick & easy DIY ideas for Christmas that you’ve found one here! What’s your favorite go-to gift? What’s your favorite gift that you’re giving this year?

xo Jennifer

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